TERM 3 2020 - Monday 13th July - Friday 18 September

Days and times have now been set for Term 3, 2020. Please see Academy Grading for more information on how we place each footballer. To register as a new player and to secure a spot for grading, go here.

** This is also the schedule for Term 3 **

5.15pmU6-16Football FitnessPasco, Darcy and Steve
3.45pmHPP4Zenon + Angelo
4:00pmHPP 2Zenon + Angelo
4:00pmU5/7 BeginnersSteven
5:10pmU13+AdvancedJosh + Steven
4:00pmHPPDevelopment 2Angelo
4:00pmU9-12Advanced GirlsRyan
5:10pmHPPDevelopment 1Angelo

* Note: We welcome players of all abilities aged 3-16 years old.

Strength and Conditioning for HPP 2020

All Strength and Conditioning group sessions are held at Next Level Training Academy at The Grounds.

Session times TBA.

* Note: We welcome players of all abilities aged 3-16 years old.

THE AGE GROUPS Zenon Caravella’s take

Caravella U6’s

“At this age I constantly had the ball at my feet – and there is no better way to increase your fine motor skills in the ongoing effort to make your feet become like your hands. So whether you’re a beginner at 6-years-old or you’ve been playing since you were wearing nappies, that ball constantly at your feet is without question the ultimate foundation point for every young player”.

Caravella U7’s + U8’s

“At this age I started working on more advanced ball skills and using different parts of my body to control the ball. Football became my obsession.”

Caravella U9’s + U10’s

“By this age I was well and truly spending every free moment I had dribbling in and out of cones, kicking the ball against the wall and breaking glass walls – much to the dismay of my parents. That ball never left my foot.”

Caravella U11’s + U12’s

“While I never stopped working on my ball skills, now came the point where reading different scenarios/pictures in a game such as learning to recognise when to pass and when to dribble became a very important part of my football education. Decision making became just as important – if not more – as my technical ability.

Caravella U13’s to U15’s

“By this age I was representing my state and was ear-marked for Institutes of Sport. I had by this time found I was most comfortable in midfield and then began to tailor my strength and weaknesses based on this position. Eg Midfielder: Constantly scanning the field, looking for space to receive the ball and to create options for my teammates in the form of little triangles.”

Our academy aims to build confidence while maximising potential

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