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We believe that players will develop their football skills and gain more enjoyment and value out of our program if they are training with others of similar ability. As a player’s age does not equal ability, all players from U6 to U16 will therefore be graded before they are placed in one of our academy groups. Not only will this allow players who are new to the game or whose skills are yet to develop have more involvement in sessions and small-sided games (and more touches of the ball) but it will allow them to improve their ball skills and build confidence. On the other hand, players with more advanced skills will find playing with and against others of similar ability more challenging and enjoyable making sure they get the most out of each academy session.

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Our grading processis simple

Before each enrolment – pre or mid-term – Zenon and his coaches will conduct grading sessions based on the following criteria as per their age group:

  • Ball control – dribbling, passing and receiving
  • Defending and tackling
  • Physical – speed, fitness, balance, strength and endurance
  • Game awareness – positioning, information sharing to other team members,
  • Vision
  • Attitude – drive, confidence, determination, responsibility, sportsmanship, responsive

The grading outcomeis final

Football is a game of opinions which makes the grading process difficult for coaches, players and parents. We understand that certain players have friends they want to travel and train with but to maintain the integrity of the academy, the coach’s decision upon grading is final. Please keep this in mind when registering for the academy.

Rest assured however that our coaches are experienced, honest and fair. Their decision will not only benefit the player in question, but the group they train with.

Finally, once a player is graded, his allocated squad is not set in stone. Players can move up with improvement and hard work – sometimes this can take a term, or even a few weeks.

Squad SelectionMaximises potential


Caravella Beginners – The perfect introduction to Academy training, this program is tailor-made for the newest of footballers ager 5-7, covering all the basic fundamental skills required for Saturday football.




High Performance *

*Certain conditions apply to be admitted into the HPP programs including but not limited to:

  • Trials yearly
  • In the interest of coaching consistency and overload, all HPP squad members are requested not to participate in other optional football programs (Rep and Club excluded).

Player AssessmentCompleted Annually

At the completion of each year, our coaches will assess each player’s individual skills and abilities for future grading as well as player growth and development.

Players in HPP will receive termly written assessments and 6-monthly verbal assessments.

Our academy aims to build confidence while maximising potential.

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