First touch. Skills. Control.

Ball manipulation, first touch and close-control is the foundation of player development. Endless touches on the ball through skill-specific formulated drills is what will ultimately improve a player and take them to the next level.

Passing. Receiving. Decisions.

Drills and small-sided games to improve and solidify an excellent first touch combined with completing precision and creative passing in all football situations. Players are equally taught how to think football as well as play football.


Drills and group exercises to greatly improve natural technique while encouraging instinctive play in goal situations.

One v One

Ability and confidence in the One v One situation.

Individual & Combination Play

Exercises, drills and games that improve small group play highlighting importance on quick counter attacks and transition.


Yes, it’s the alphabet. But the ABC’s are so much more in football. Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed. We’ll hone in on all of these and more.


By far, the most important of all: A real love of football equals fun. Our programs are challenging but always enjoyable. Our academy aims to build players confidence while still maximising potential.


How do I register as a player for Caravella Football Academy?

Registering is easy. Simply go to our registration page, fill in the blanks and dream big.

What do I wear to my sessions?

All players must wear their full CFA kit and shin pads. Don’t forget to sunscreen that face and bod either and bring some H20.

Why should I choose Caravella Football Academy?

The man. Zenon Caravella was just like every other FNQ player with a football dream. Through sprinkles of talent, sheer hard work and determination, Zenon played in Europe and at the highest possible level in Australia for over 15-years. Being a footballer is all he knows.

Our coaching team is second to none. Consider that FNQ Heat star and qualified Strength and Conditioning expert Crios O’Hare, FNQ Football legend Andre Lohmann and Edge Hill Youth Coach Angelo Caravella have all combined forces to coach the next-gen at CFA: Priceless.

To run a successful coaching academy, you need the ingredients. You need the experience, the ability and most importantly, enough passion to truly make a difference.

The system.
Zenon is a believer that small group coaching is the only way to develop real football skills and technique. At our academy, we always have one coach to a maximum of ten players. Touching the ball as often as possible; the right drills and being personally taught the right technique is the key to player development.

I’ve missed out on training. Can I get a refund?

If there is an exceptional circumstance such as illness or personal injury we are always happy to credit a maximum of one session per term or arrange a make-up session without a medical certificate. Any other absences will need to accompany a letter from your doctor or physic to be eligible. We do not refund any unused session credits. We do not credit for school camps, trials for any other sport or program.

Is Caravella Football Academy affiliated with any club?

While our sessions take place at Tiger Park in Edge Hill, we consider ourselves friends with all FNQ clubs. Our sole goal is to improve our players from a footballing and personal perspective hence making them more valuable to their clubs and to our region.

Zenon has always had a desire to come back home and build the academy he never had access to as a junior footballer. And that means Caravella Football Academy is accessible to everyone.

I don’t want you to Facebook my Face!

Totally get it. Our registration form includes a Social Media disclaimer so make sure you give us a big fat NO to Facebooking your face.

How many players in a session? I don’t want to get lost in a crowd.

A maximum of 10 for one coach and 16 for two coaches. No getting lost in our crowd, okay?

Our academy aims to build confidence while maximising potential

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