Q + A with Zenon Caravella

High Performance Q + A with Head Coach Zenon Caravella!

** With 2020 High Performance Program trials just around the corner and with a record number of triallists registered, we thought we’d speak to the man himself about what makes HPP at Caravella so special **

⚽️ Let’s start with the basics. What’s HPP?

The High Performance Program at CFA is the highest level at the academy and it’s been designed for players that want to challenge themselves as footballers to be the best they can be. It combines high-level, high-intensity football training with football specific strength and conditioning training helping to create more than just footballers – but athletes.

⚽️ Why is strength and conditioning so important in the modern game?

Strength and conditioning is important for balance, change of speed and change of direction in football. Building your core strength can improve your passing and shooting single leg action which also requires balance. Speed in a game constantly looking for change of direction and change of pace. Everything the players learn and work on in their strength and conditioning with Crios is constantly transferred directly across into our football training session and utilised with or without the ball. Individual development is more than just improving technical ability – it’s about developing all facets of the game.

⚽️ Tell us about the football component of HPP

What we focus on in HPP is trying to replicate a variation of different game scenarios where the player has to decide what skill or action to make in each given situation which they can then individually take across any environment they’re in whether it’s club, rep, SAP, TSP or if they go to trial somewhere.

Through this style of training the player is constantly required and challenged to make correct decisions which not only improves the player technically but helps to create game intelligence which is a big focus of the program.

The training is high intensity, cutting edge and often demanding but no more or less than any program offered in metro cities and our players thrive under environments that challenge and bring out the best in them. HPP is also about improving focus and resilience in players because I’m not always going to be there to push them.

⚽️ Can anyone trial for HPP?

Absolutely! Players from all over FNQ are welcome to trial for the program – they don’t have to be current academy members. We are always looking for dedicated footballers to add to our existing crop who we can hopefully take to the next level.

⚽️ What games/events are HPP players part of?

Our HPP players have exclusive access to two major events in 2020 – one being the region’s biggest independent junior tournament, the FNQ Youth Cup (featuring teams from all over Australia and NZ) as well as a trip to Sydney in October. We are constantly looking for ways to challenge our players on a national level so they have exposure to the country’s best juniors. If they are part of SAP and TSP they already have plenty of travel and quality games within Queensland.

⚽️ Is HPP also a program for girls?

We are big believers that dedicated girls should be training with boys where possible and we have not only a fantastic crop of HPP girls across all age groups but many more trialling for 2020. Basically, if you’re good enough you make it, regardless of your gender and it has been an absolute privilege to watch our girls shine this year.

⚽️ Do players have to register to trial?

All players, whether you are new or current, have to register to trial for HPP.

⚽️ What are words of advice for those trialling or want to but feel nervous about it?

It can be daunting trialling for an elite program so what I can say is just come, do your best and have fun with it. Trials are obligation free and even if you are the least bit curious about what we’re about, come and meet the players, coaches and have a go.

⚽️ What 2020 squads are you trialling for and when?

We’re trialling for U9/10, U11/12, U13/14 and U15/16. Trials will take place at The Grounds Cairns on November 30th and December 1st from 8.30am. Players must attend both mornings.

⚽️ How have the current players improved through the program this year?

I’m being honest when I say not a single player hasn’t improved this year. We have some of the best young FNQ talent across all age groups in the program currently – players that don’t just stand out locally but have been earmarked for the future at a national level. It’s a testament to the work they put in not just at the academy but on their own.

⚽️ If I miss the trials when can I trial next?

We only trial for HPP twice a year – now for all of 2020 and next year June for the final 20 weeks. The next level below HPP is the advanced program which is a great preparation program for HPP and only requires a term-by-term commitment.

⚽️ Do you have payment plans?

Our program is affordable and we offer payment plans for those that need them.

⚽️ How many days do I have to commit each week?

Both football (60 min) and strength and conditioning (40 min) is done on the one day at The Grounds so it can easily compliment other commitments.

Keen on trialling for our HPP program? Check out the program outline, costings or register here but be quick – registrations close November 27! 👉🏼 https://www.caravellafootballacademy.com.au/high-performance…

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