Jace and Kai: The boys from Doomadgee

Australia has a rich indigenous history that in many ways influences modern Australian values. The oldest living culture in the world, we are proud to have siblings Jace and Kai Fraser representing the remote indigenous community of Doomadgee.

Kai + Jace with Head Coach Zenon Caravella at APIA Leichhardt in Sydney

Jace and Kai have been at Caravella Football Academy for 18 months and as soon as they took the pitch it was immediately evident to Head Coach Zenon what naturally gifted athletes they both were.

“The Fraser boys are a pleasure to coach, both being great listeners always willing to learn. As footballers they are quick and agile with skills and understanding all coming naturally to them.”

In the 18 months Jace and Kai have been at CFA, both have represented the academy at elite level; they were in the 2017 Gold teams for their age, competed in Sydney at NPL Powerhouse APIA Leichhardt on state-of-the-art turf and have just been selected for the 2018 High Performance Program.

It’s clear the Doomadgee boys have a bright future in football.

Here’s Jace and Kai’s father Troy on what it means for the boys to ensure they never forget where they come from.

Jace and Kai have arrived here at the Academy by a different path to many. Both boys, of Aboriginal heritage, come from the remote indigenous community of Doomadgee which is situated in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Doomadgee has a population of approximately 1600 (approx. 1200 by the ABS) and is home to the Ganggalida and Waanyi tribal groups. With Jace and Kai connections to both the Ganggalida and Waanyi tribal groups, they must continue to learn the

With the brothers and cousins with a small crocodile caught at Doomadgee

cultural and traditional values and customs, which is why trips back to Doomadgee is very important.

Home is where the boys get to do many of the activities with their cousins and other family members. Riding bikes and motorbikes, fishing and hunting for traditional bush tucker, riding horses, swimming in the number of swimming spots are some of these activities. Just to top it off both boys recently competed in the Doomadgee Annual Rodeo. After competing at the John Bomben Cup on Friday they were behind the rodeo chutes ready to mount on their first poddy calf ride on Sunday.

Whenever they get the chance, they look forward to travelling to Doomadgee to visit family members and just to be “one of the boys”. Off come the shirts , shoes and its back to the bush.

Whilst living in Cairns provides some great opportunities for Jace and Kai, they are Doomadgee boys at heart. If you see Jace and Kai around they would be more than happy to tell you more about Doomadgee and their adventures.


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