The Football Dream

In every corner of the world, a child is dreaming football dreams. They could be living in the Brazilian favelas, playing street football with their neighbours and friends; in Africa, turning old clothes and plastic bags into balls; or perhaps somewhere so cold, so snowy, that football usually stops. But not for them. They’ll play – they’ll always play. Rain, hail, shine or snow.

The football dream. It’s alive and well.

Zenon Caravella – once that kid with the huge football dream – grew up in regional Queensland where opportunities were limited. Being so far from the city meant your star really had to shine at interstate carnivals to truly get noticed. There wasn’t much in terms of a pathway and yet the region still produced some incredible players over the years.

Caravella, Thwaite, Steffanuto, Farina, Shroj, Corica: they’re all names that became part of the elite in football and are now recognisable to football fans Australia-wide. And they too, were FNQ kids with that dream.

What does that say FNQ?It says we have the goods.

Caravella Football Academy was built based on Zenon’s all-encompassing passion for grassroots football. An accomplished and successful footballer that made it despite the setbacks of being far away from the big smoke, Zenon is determined to create another pathway for aspiring footballers of the Far North and using his unquestionable tools of the trade, make a difference. A real one.

At CFA, you can have confidence that your footballer is being coached by either current or former footballers, all with years of experience in the game – this unique insight being the real difference, particularly in the skills acquisition phase. All of our coaches are technically able to demonstrate important exercises and skills being taught at an age crucial to development.

And that’s why we’re Cairns’ premier football academy. We’re the difference. Join our academy today. Be part of The Future.

Our academy aims to build confidence while maximising potential.

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